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Prépare-toi pour un grand changement capillaire en consultant ton coiffeur. Découvre ce que tu dois savoir avant de transformer ta chevelure!

A metamorphosis, a big hair change!

You are more capable of enduring your hair.

What do you need to know before making a big change, especially if you're not sure what you want?
First and foremost, ideally it's good to talk to your hairdresser in advance.
-You will be able to define in advance the styles that you like and like
-You will have to send a photo of yourself so that the stylist can study the
shape of your face, color of your skin, eyes, etc.
-What is your job, it is still a big issue for the future
choice of hair transformation. If you are a farmer or a bartender, it is
clear that we will not opt ​​for the same style.
-The time you want to spend on your hair every morning.
-Are you sporty or not at all?
-The choice of styling products and the choice of products for maintenance
of your hair hygiene
-Do you have any problems with your scalp? Eczema,
-What are your styling tools at home?
-How often do you visit your hairdresser?
In all cases, ideally a consultation will be required to study your file, this is not to be taken lightly during a major change. You wouldn't want to be disappointed!
Did you know that most of the time major hair changes happen in the spring? Ah! Things happen during this time, so be prepared for that.
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