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Part of my story

Towards the end of primary school, I started a small car wash business with a friend to finance a school activity. We didn't have a ton of clients, but we had a lot of fun doing the work. When I was very young, I knew that one day I would have my own business. It was part of me. But I didn’t yet know my destiny as a hairdresser.

When I reached high school, I remember exploring several possibilities. However, I always came back to hairdressing. Many people have persuaded me to think about it carefully. Despite my shyness and these warnings, I packed my boxes and moved to my new apartment in the city. I was 16 years old and my parents had confidence in my background. I loved doing my last hairdressing internship in a salon in Saint-Élie where I worked for a few months.

At 18, I bought a house in my native village with my partner. A few months later, we began renovations with a view to establishing my future hair salon. Thus the Magi Beauté Salon was born in 2004. A few more years and we began new renovations, my salon having become too narrow.

In the meantime, I discovered a passion for creating jewelry. I started Cristal Ev and for eight years I created jewelry and ran that business in addition to my hair salon. The last four years, a precious friend joined me in this beautiful adventure to which only happy memories are attached.

And they're not the only ones. Between the multiple renovations and the businesses to supervise, two wonderful daughters were born: Rose-Evelie and Élia. Like their mother, they are full of energy and a crying desire to discover everything that surrounds them. They fill our days with love and joyful emotions. Above all, they constantly remind me of the importance of relaxing and having fun since for them everything is simple and happens in the present moment. They are beautiful balls of happiness.

I was so young when I started my first business that I had to evolve, fortunately. Another thing in my DNA, I like to help my neighbor. For this reason, I am very involved in my community. However, I wanted to do more. It was this desire to help others that led me to trichology. After extensive training, I acquired the title of trichologist, a specialty which aims to offer solutions to people who have hair conditions. A few years later, I concluded this long journey towards the Other by completing training, this time in energy cutting. You can read about it on the site.

Energy Cup | Salon Marie-Eve (

Also, by handling chemicals while working as a hairdresser, I developed significant sensitivity to the sinuses. From then on, I looked for gentler alternatives to traditional and chemical coloring. It wasn't easy, because few options existed in Quebec. But I ended up knowing an institute that offered training in plant coloring and I registered there for my greatest happiness and for the greatest happiness of my customers. You can read about it on the site.

Plant Coloring | Salon Marie-Eve (

All this knowledge acquired during long, high-level training courses has led me to refine my mission and to see things more clearly. From now on, I wanted to offer my salon clients a calm place, bathed in softness and well-being, free from pollution and toxic agents, surrounded by mountains and pure air. I wanted my clients to benefit from a moment of relaxation so that a feeling of inner and outer well-being was born within them and, ultimately, so that the beauty of everyone radiated. So, step by step, in harmony with judicious choices for my customers and the planet, Salon Marie-Eve has acquired its maturity while today being 100% eco-responsible.

How else to conclude this foreword than by thanking my loyal customers for accompanying me on this journey of peace, happiness and well-being.


100% eco-responsible

Salon Marie-Eve has been turning to other hair health treatments for a number of years. To do this, it was necessary to invest a huge amount of energy and time in high-end, long-term training. Throughout this process, the objective was to eliminate the pollution caused by the use of all these products that are dangerous for ecosystems and people. Today, Salon Marie-Eve is 100% eco-responsible.

Yes, there are alternatives to the traditional, damaging and toxic hairstyle that has been practiced for the last 90 years. Your health and that of the planet are essential. And, hair styling and hair care should provide a source of comfort above all else. For this reason, the salon has stopped contaminating the environment and people with super harmful chemicals.

Welcome to the world of holistic hairdressing, health and wellness!

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