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Découvrez les bienfaits et les techniques de massage de tête pour une relaxation profonde et une santé capillaire optimale

Head massages are beneficial moments of well-being.

This is a practice that is increasingly widespread in salons and which does us good: head massages. In fact, faced with ever-increasing demand, several hair salons have integrated massages into their list of services. Which is hardly surprising since we need this moment of relaxation more than ever. Head massages also prove to be an interesting alternative for people who do not enjoy body massages. In this article, we will discuss head massages that can be performed in a salon, by a massage therapist, by your partner or simply by ourselves.

Head massages provide a moment of deep relaxation. They provide a feeling of well-being to the whole body even if it is only done on the head. The reason is simple: the greatest tensions are located in the shoulders, neck, face and head. Cranial massage activates blood microcirculation, releases vital energy and reduces muscle tension. It helps oxygenate the cells of the scalp. As the blood carries nutrients, the hair follicle is better nourished, which promotes healthy hair and stimulates its regrowth.

Shiro-abbyanga head massage is part of the Ayurvedic family of treatments, a traditional Indian medicine which is based on the theory that diseases result from an imbalance in the body's vital forces. This massage lasts approximately 45 minutes and is performed with hot oil. The shoulders, neck, face and scalp are massaged. To increase the moisturizing benefits of this massage, the oil is allowed to penetrate the hair for a few hours. This treatment is performed on a chair or table. You don't need to have hair to take full advantage of it. One head is enough! This beneficial massage pacifies disorders of the central nervous system, promotes stress reduction, reduces neck rigidity, headaches, migraines, jaw tension and reduces insomnia. It softens the scalp, gives volume to the hair and increases its quality.

Cranial shiatsu massage is a Japanese energy technique inspired by Chinese medicine. The term “shiatsu” means “pressure with the fingers”. Pressure points stimulate and release energy points along the path of the meridians. This massage rebalances the body and mind. It causes an increase in oxygen, which activates blood circulation. It calms, brings well-being, reduces fatigue and stress. Shiatsu massage can reduce headaches and insomnia. It acts on the mental, physical and emotional levels.

A third, simplest massage technique involves brushing your hair. Brushing provides several benefits. No need for any other tool than the brush, if possible made of wood to avoid static electricity and provide more softness to the scalp thanks to its bamboo bristles. In an eco-responsible way, we avoid using plastic tools. Boar bristle brushes also provide good results. In addition, we opt for a comb to detangle wet hair and a brush for dry hair. Brush your hair in the morning and evening for a few minutes and gently. This simple gesture rids the scalp and hair of dust, cells or dead skin. Brushing activates blood circulation, which oxygenates the scalp and gives it a little more volume. When detangling hair, you always start at the bottom of the hair, then progress gently upwards. Avoid pulling hard on the knots so as not to create breakages.

Here are some good actions to adopt when brushing your hair. Tilt your head down. Brush the back of your neck to your forehead. The brush should touch the scalp and hair. For the sides of your hair, first brush to the left of your head then direct your movement to the right. Do the opposite on the other side. Brush to the right of your head and direct your movement to the left. Finish brushing with movements starting from the forehead and going down to the nape of the neck. Finally, you can massage your head with your fingertips, your hands or the hairbrush, but never with your nails, as they risk injuring your scalp.

It doesn't matter which head massage technique you choose. Know that this massage will provide you with multiple benefits on several levels. And, I wish you to experience many of these beneficial moments of relaxation.

Article appeared in the magazine Le Monde au Naturel

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