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Découvrez comment protéger vos cheveux en hiver contre la sécheresse et l'électricité statique avec des conseils simples et efficaces.

Hair, winter and dryness

Static in winter

Here we are… In that time of year when the skin cracks and the hair dries out. There's a lot of static in the air. Hair rubs against wool, cotton or synthetic clothing, which charges it with electricity. Cold, dry air, heating and lack of humidity cause your scalp to become dry.
In these conditions, good hair care is beneficial, such as washing your hair every other day or every day. We shampoo twice and check the second for the presence of a profusion of foam, especially at the back of the head. The first shampoo should be rinsed out immediately, but the second should be left to act for a few minutes. The same goes for the conditioner which must act for at least two minutes. In winter, opt for hydrating shampoos and conditioners. Also, when washing hair, use lukewarm cold water rather than hot and rinse hair with the coldest water you can tolerate.
Ideally, apply a mask to the hair once a week. You will find several on the market. Choose the one that best suits your hair.
When you get out of the shower, before drying your hair, coat your hair with an oil or cream to retain as much moisture as possible. Do not rinse.
Use brushes or combs made from natural materials.
Finally, you should put on a heat protectant before using styling tools. Use moderately hot air with the dryer so as not to accentuate the effect of static electricity. Also never set your flat iron or curling iron to the hottest setting. Again, set your tools to a moderately hot temperature.
Article published in Le P'tit journal de Woburn in January-February 2021
Written by Marie-Eve Giroux
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