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Découvrez les raisons des démangeaisons du cuir chevelu, des astuces pour soulager l'inconfort et des conseils pour une hygiène capillaire saine.

Itchy scalp


Help! It stings!

It stings, you have itching, discomfort, you scratch your head constantly.
In winter or all year round, do you suffer from dry scalp?
There are several reasons for this problem, but here are a few:
• There may be a disruption of the sebaceous glands which do not produce enough sebum
• It can be dehydrated by a diet rich in salt and low in water.
• You may have a sensitivity to chemical treatments such as coloring, perms, etc.
• Pool water and the sea may be involved
• Very high temperature and very low humidity
• Pollution, pollution particles can enter the pores of the scalp
• Your lifestyle, stress
• Use of products that are too aggressive for the scalp such as shampoos
• Sebum production may also decrease with hormonal changes
Here are some possible solutions for you. A hair analysis offers a complete hair assessment and analysis of your scalp.
This hair assessment allows you to collect all the important information about your habits, your heredity and your state of health in general.
Massaging your scalp or brushing your hair promotes blood circulation and activates sebum production.
Having a balanced diet and your water intake will be of great importance.
Use the right products at home, designed for dry scalps and in addition to using natural products without salt, without sulfate, without SILICONE…
It is important to have good hair hygiene.
I am here to help you find comfort and take care of your hair and scalp. Take care of yourself, your head is much more important than you think, hair is not there for nothing, it has a reason to exist.
Marie-Eve, trichology technician
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