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The vibrational energy cut

Much more than a traditional haircut, the vibratory energy cut provides remarkable benefits to the hair and allows us to enter into deep intimacy with our personal history. This cut is carried out with a seven-centimeter blade which emits vibrations. These spread through the hair scales, which stimulates blood circulation and the appearance of new hair. Stronger hair with longer life. Thanks to the cerebrospinal fluid, the vibrations are also felt up to the meridians of the body (traditional Chinese medicine), which sometimes releases emotions and old memories.

Before proceeding with the cutting steps, the hair requires hair treatment. We recommend a “bio-activated clay” treatment to rid the hair of its impurities. A head shiatsu massage completes the treatment. Therapeutic and relaxing, this massage helps relax the body and prepares it to receive the energy boost.

Developed by Rémi Portrait, the vibrational energy cut is carried out in two stages: the toning phase and the soothing phase. These treatments require an hour and a half to two hours.

The toning phase
Here, the body can be compared to a musical instrument. The hair represents the strings while the straight razor is the bow. Always using the same sequence, the hair is stretched and cut at a precise angle. This process transmits vibrations to the hair scales, which has the effect of releasing a stem cell and fertilizing a new hair.
Then the cranium comes into play which acts like a resonance box, which has the effect of short-circuiting the brain. The mind stops intervening and controlling. Various elements can then be released, which allows us to encounter emotional and cellular memories. The relaxation and letting go acquired thus far offer a climate of kindness to welcome them without judgment.

The calming phase
The desired cut takes shape at this stage. It is done by creating much gentler vibrations. Still with the blade, the hair is cut like a diamond. During this phase, vibrations continue to circulate throughout the body and provide harmonization of energy. The body experiences a great feeling of well-being. The scalp and hair received incomparable natural care while the body enjoyed a unique sensory experience.

The benefits
Vibrational energy cutting can provide several benefits. Here is the list:

Total or partial stop of hair loss.
Appearance of new hair that is more toned and grows more quickly.
Lengthening of the hair life cycle.
Increased volume at the roots.
Easy to style hair.
Enhancement of its shine.
Increased flexibility and lightness for heavy and thick hair.
Possible increase in density and thickness of fine hair.


La coupe énergétique


La coupe énergétique

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The vibrational energy cut

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