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Vegetable Coloring

Since 2020, Salon Marie-Eve has been working with plant coloring, more specifically with products developed by the L'Envolée des Couleurs workshop and Terre de Couleur. These are two companies from France, from where plants are rigorously selected across India, Egypt and South America. They are natural products and are free of all chemical components.

Vegetable coloring does not penetrate the hair. It surrounds the hair fiber and gives it health, shine and volume. The plants used give off an earthy scent and are recognized for their many nutritional and regenerative qualities.

Vegetable coloring lasts a long time. As long as chemical coloring. It comes in powder form with which filtered and boiled water is mixed. The application is carried out on the hair like a poultice. The choice of color, as well as the percentage of white hair, influences the break time which can take from 20 to 75 minutes.

A consultation of approximately 20 minutes is planned before the start of the coloring. This period of time is valuable in order to understand the product, determine the color to apply and the maintenance to be carried out at home.

We welcome you to the beautiful world of plant coloring, synonymous with well-being, health and purity.

Read our article dedicated to plant coloring to learn more on the subject.


Bienvenue dans l'univers de la coloration végétale!


Bienvenue dans l'univers de la coloration végétale!

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Vegetable Coloring

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"I had a wonderful time, Marie-Eve's welcome was calm and encouraged discussion, very enriching for this first instructive meeting.

– Josie Bilodeau

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– Mario Carrier

“I am delighted to have made the switch to natural products.”

– Karina Bilodeau

"I love my appointments with Marie-Ève! The little touches, the natural products and a passionate artist who knows her job well. Thank you for everything ♥"

– Julie Comptois

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