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Apprenez à garder vos cheveux hydratés et protégés des agressions estivales avec nos conseils pour une routine de soins naturelle et efficace.

Enjoy the beautiful season with healthy hair!

The heat of summer is slowly setting in. The sun's rays make our skin shiver, although it must be protected. But what about the hair? Does the sun, salt or chlorinated water make life difficult for them? Yes. In this article we will see why these elements inflict significant damage on them. Then we will propose solutions to keep them healthy during the summer season.

We cannot consider hair as a simple, somewhat superfluous extension of our anatomy. Hair is essential to the human body. Although its stems are virtually lifeless outside the scalp, life teems beneath. Often, in the morning, the mirror is the first to offer us their reflection. Some days we give them little importance. But, on other occasions, we only see them and their discoloration or even their flyaway or broken locks! Behind this quick glance, usually to judge the aesthetics of our hair, hide their multiple functions of which we are little aware. They are real sun shades for the scalp, ears and face. They offer protection against temperature variations and excess perspiration and they regulate body temperature. In fact, the scalp and hair deserve some love and care.

Hair color is obtained thanks to melanin naturally produced in the hair bulb by the action of cells called melanocytes. For example, hair turns white in the complete absence of melanin. This pigment breaks down when hair is exposed to ultraviolet rays from the sun. The melanin slowly fades, which has the effect of lightening the hair shaft. In addition, the combination of these ultraviolet rays with salt or chlorinated water causes a chemical reaction of oxidation. This discoloration is easy to see in children who spend long days outside and in the water.

Do you have white hair? The sun's rays remain the No. 1 factor in the yellowing of your hair. You must therefore protect them with a light scarf or a hat, even if you use purple shampoo. This shampoo is used to reduce the golden reflections of white hair, but will not succeed in doing its job and bringing back white and shiny hair if it has been very exposed to the sun.

In fact, no matter what color your hair is, always carry a hat or light scarf with you during the summer season. These accessories provide the ultimate protection against ultraviolet rays. In addition to protecting the hair and face, the summer hat must have wide mesh to promote air circulation. So, ditch the tight hats, caps and scarves that prevent the scalp from breathing.

If you spend long periods of time at the beach, on a boat or in the swimming pool, take care to rinse your hair well or wash it at the end of the day. This rinse removes accumulated residue and provides a good dose of hydration to the stem. It also prevents dryness of the scalp and lengths. If we deprive our hair of this step, irritation may appear. And they will be followed by itching and scratching, thus leading us into a vicious circle.

Occasionally, an application of oil to the shafts and scalp, for a few hours, will prove beneficial. At the end of the treatment, apply the shampoo directly to oiled hair, without wetting it first. You will then avoid countless shampoos to get rid of the oil. Even in small amounts, never apply oil to dry hair before going out in the sun, as it will cook like frying instead of hydrating.

Here is a simple mask recipe to make at home that will do a lot of good for dry or very dry hair:

  • 10 drops of lavender essential oil
  • 5 drops of sandalwood essential oil
  • 150 ml of vegetable oil

Apply this mask to all dry, clean lengths. Then cover the head with a warm, damp towel for about two hours. Finally, shampoo in the same way as indicated above.

To provide maximum hydration to your hair, opt for leave-in care after shampooing. These make the hair silky. You will find them on the natural product shelves under the names “treatment, nourishing cream or leave-in care”. However, make sure they are paraben-free, salt-free, silicone-free, sulfate-free, and residue-free. Also, as hair dries more quickly in summer, limit the use of the dryer and styling tools, as they draw out the moisture present in the shafts.

In summary, take advantage of the heat to energize your body. Protect your skin like your hair. Don't forget your hat. Rinse your hair to moisturize it and remove residue. And use products that are as beneficial for you as they are for the planet. Good summer !

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